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Nerin Engineering

          China Nerin Engineering Co. Ltd (Nerin)


China Nerin Engineering Co. Ltd (Nerin) is an international engineering company established on the basis of former Nanchang Engineering and Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals with which the China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (NFC), the Sinosteel Corporation and the State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of Jiangxi Province are associated.

Nanchang Engineering and Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals was founded in Oct. 1957 and has been successively subject to the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, China National Non-ferrous Metals Industry Corporation, and Jiangxi Provincial People's Government. Now, it is a large comprehensive engineering institute mainly engaged in engineering design, consultation, survey, general contracting, construction supervision, equipment manufacturing, assembly and supply.

China Non-ferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd (NFC) has committed itself to project contracting and resources developing in domestic and global non-ferrous metal market since its foundation in 1983. It was listed on China Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 000758) in April 1997. NFC's business covers the whole process of non-ferrous metal project from mining, ore dressing, smelting to metal processing. Its total assets reached 3.332 billion RMB in 2006.

State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission (SASAC) of Jiangxi Province is an organization authorized by Jiangxi provincial government as its representative of implementing the duties of state investor to administrate large enterprises in the province. It supervises 21 fully-owned enterprises with total assets up to 103.36 billion RMB in 2006.

Sinosteel Corporation (SINOSTEEL),a state-owned enterprise subject to State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of State Department, is a large-sized international enterprise group providing complex services and system integration for steel industry in the areas of resources development, trade and logistics, engineering science and technologies as well as equipment manufacturing. Its total assets reached 26.59 billion RMB in 2006.

NERIN possesses a complex design team covering the engineers from 36 disciplines which have acquired 16 A-level qualifications in metallurgy, public work, civil work and consultation. NERIN executes ISO9001 quality system in engineering design, consultation, general contracting and construction supervision in which the advanced project management information system and three-dimensional design system are employed.

The engineering services provided by NERIN spread over China (except Taiwan) and overseas in  Australia, Kirgizstan, Algeria, Zambia, Nigeria and Congo. Based on Nanchang, NERIN has branches in many cities such as Shenzhen, Ningbo, Xiamen, Hainan, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chongqing, etc..

NERIN has rich experiences and high reputations in mining, metallurgy, public works, civil works and environmental engineering, proven by over 3000 projects and 300 scientific research subjects completed in the half centuries and 260 national, provincial and ministerial awards including the first prizes of national science and technology advancement and the state excellent engineering design medals. NERIN has also presided the compilation of more than 20 national and industrial standards/codes/norms such as “Construction Standard of Copper Smelter” and “Construction Standard of Tungsten Mine”

Under the guideline of quality first and customer first, NERIN will always uphold the spirit of harmony and renovation on the route growing up to an international engineering company with patented intellectual properties and sharp competitive edges.


Add:No.1,Bayi Avenue,Nanchang,Jiangxi 330002,P.R.China

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